Bright day

Vijfhuizen, The Netherlands As part of Best of Dutch Design we presented Upprinting food at bright day 2018! It was such a great experience seeing all the new and rising technologies, and we received sooo much lovely feedback from the visitors, but also from the other exhibitors.

De zin van Bernheze

Heeswijk-Dinther, The Netherlands We were invited to present at De zin van Bernheze. Which is an art and literature night, this time it was themed around “We are food”.


Vita is one of the two founder of Upprinting Food. She is the plant-based influence and makes photos of everything!

Dutch Design Week

Eindhoven, The Netherlands During the Dutch Design Week 2018, Upprinting Food was presented at manifestations.

Flavourful Founder Elzelinde

Elzelinde is one of the Founders of Upprinting Food and is also the mastermind behind the concept of 3D-printing with residual food flows. She loves creating the most flavourful dishes and is a true chef! Contact info Email: Instagram:@_elzelinde

Beijing Design Week

Beijing, China In collaboration with The 3d Food Company, we presented at the Beijing Design week. We also organized and hosted a dinner party at a local restaurant; Nooxo. 

Graduation Project TU/e

Upprinting Food started as Elzelinde her graduation project for the Bachelor of Industrial Design.

Food sustainability

Hello, you have reached our first ever blogpost on this website. Since we love creating food, and are determined to reduce food waste. We decided to set up a blog alongside our company. This way we will be able to reach everyone who has access to the internet. On this blog we will share everything […]